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April 6, 2010 City Council Agenda

Tuesday, April 6, 2010, 7:00 p.m.

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  • A complete packet of information containing Staff Reports (Agenda Statements) and exhibits related to each item is available for public review at least 72 hours prior to a Council Meeting or, in the event that it is delivered to the Councilmembers less than 72 hours prior to a Council Meeting, as soon as it is so delivered. The packet is available in the City Clerk's Office and also at the Dublin Library.


1.       CALL TO ORDER



3.1     Certificate of Recognition - Dublin High School Soccer Team (Coach James Fulwiler) (610-50) [ STAFF REPORT ]

3.2     Public Comments

At this time, the public is permitted to address the City Council on non-agendized items.  Please step to the podium and clearly state your name for the record.  COMMENTS SHOULD NOT EXCEED THREE (3) MINUTES.  In accordance with State Law, no action or discussion may take place on any item not appearing on the posted agenda.  The Council may respond to statements made or questions asked, or may request Staff to report back at a future meeting concerning the matter.  Any member of the public may contact the City Clerk’s Office related to the proper procedure to place an item on a future City Council agenda.  The exceptions under which the City Council MAY discuss and/or take action on items not appearing on the agenda are contained in Government Code Section 54954.2(b)(1)(2)(3).


Consent Calendar items are typically non-controversial in nature and are considered for approval by the City Council with one single action.  Members of the audience, Staff or the City Council who would like an item removed from the Consent Calendar for purposes of public input may request the Mayor to remove the item.

4.1     Minutes of Regular Meetings of December 15, 2009, February 16, 2010, and March 2, 2010 and Adjourned Regular Meeting of February 24, 2010 [ STAFF REPORT - December 15, 2009 ] [ STAFF REPORT - February 16, 2010 ] [ STAFF REPORT - March 2, 2010 ] [ STAFF REPORT - February 24, 2010 ]


4.2     Dublin Sports Grounds - Phase IV Authorization to Bid Contract No. 10-03 (600-35) [ STAFF REPORT ]

Staff is seeking City Council authorization to bid Capital Improvement Project No. 95830, which will renovate the Dublin Sports Grounds turf grass and irrigation.  This is Phase IV of an overall plan and the project covers approximately 5.0 acres east of the lighted soccer field.

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Authorize Staff to advertise Contract No. 10-03, Dublin Sports Grounds Phase IV.

4.3     Authorization to Purchase Play Equipment for Emerald Glen Park through U.S. Communities Purchasing Agreement and Approve Agreement with Ross Recreation Equipment Incorporated to Remove and Install Play Equipment (215-30/600-30) [ STAFF REPORT ]

Staff is seeking City Council authorization to purchase play equipment for Emerald Glen Park from Landscape Structures, Inc. and to contract with Ross Recreation to remove existing equipment and install new play equipment.

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Adopt Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Purchase Play Equipment from Landscape Structures, Inc. Pursuant to the U. S. Communities Government Purchasing Agreement, and to Contract with Ross Recreation Equipment Inc. for the Removal and Installation of Play Equipment.

4.4     Check Issuance Reports and Electronic Funds Transfers (300-40) [ STAFF REPORT ]

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Review and authorize the issuance of payments.



6.1     School of Imagination, Planned Development Rezone with a related Stage 2 Development Plan, PA 10-004 (450-30) [ STAFF REPORT ]

The School of Imagination project site is located within the Schaefer Ranch development. The proposed project includes a Planned Development Rezone with a related Stage 2 Development Plan and Site Development Review to allow for the construction of a 12,065 square-foot building with playground and related improvements on the project site.  The Planning Commission approved the Site Development Review on March 9, 2010 and this approval is contingent on the City Council approval of the Planned Development Rezone.

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Conduct public hearing, deliberate, waive the reading and INTRODUCE an Ordinance Approving a PD Planned Development Rezone and a Related Stage 2 Development Plan for the School of Imagination Located at the Corner of Dublin Boulevard and Schaefer Ranch Road (APN 941-2832-027).

6.2     Amendments to the Dublin Municipal Code related to Eating and Drinking Establishments including modifications to Chapter 8.08 (Definitions), Chapter 8.12 (Zoning Districts and Permitted Uses), Chapter 8.76 (Off-Street Parking and Loading) and Chapter 8.104 (Site Development Review), ZOA 09-004 (450-20) [ STAFF REPORT ]

At the request of the City Council, Staff has been reviewing the Zoning Ordinance requirements for various business types in an effort to streamline the entitlement process for development applications and to promote businesses in Dublin.  Staff has reviewed Eating and Drinking Establishments and Outdoor Seating and prepared Zoning Ordinance amendments which would redefine an Eating and Drinking Establishment, clarify where Eating and Drinking Establishments and Outdoor Seating are permitted, modify the approval process for Outdoor Seating, and modify the parking requirements for Eating and Drinking Establishments and Outdoor Seating.

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Conduct public hearing, deliberate, waive the reading and INTRODUCE an Ordinance Amending Zoning Ordinance Chapter 8.08 (Definitions), Chapter 8.12 (Zoning Districts and Permitted Uses), Chapter 8.76 (Off-Street Parking and Loading) and Chapter 8.104 (Site Development Review), ZOA 09-004.

6.3     Weeds and Combustible Refuse Abatement Order (540-50) [ STAFF REPORT ]

In accordance with Resolution No. 16-10 (adopted February 16, 2010), the City Council declared that there is a public nuisance created by weeds and combustible debris growing and accumulating upon the streets, sidewalks and property within the City.  Notice of this was posted and letters sent to those property owners with violations.

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Conduct public hearing, deliberate, and direct Staff to continue the weed abatement process.



8.1     Report on 2010 Dublin Pride Week Activities (150-80) [ STAFF REPORT ]

The City Council will receive a report on the planned activities for the 2010 Dublin Pride Week, scheduled for April 24 - May 1, 2010.

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Receive the 2010 Dublin Pride Week activities report.

8.2     Acceptance of Donation from Dublin/San Ramon Women’s Club to Support Dublin Heritage Center Local History Curriculum Kit (150-70) [ STAFF REPORT ]

Over the past fiscal year, Staff has been working with educators at the Dublin Unified School District to update the history curriculums for third grade students.  The goal was to enhance and integrate aspects of the Heritage Center’s “The Journey” Museum as it relates to the area’s local history during school site visits.  The project has now been completed and approved by the Dublin Unified School District School Board.  Additionally, the Dublin/San Ramon Women’s Club has generously made a donation to the City to pay for curriculum binders for all Dublin Schools.

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Receive the report and, per Government Code Section 37354, accept the gift of $1,600 from the Dublin/San Ramon Women’s Club; approve the budget change; and direct Staff to prepare a formal acknowledgement to the donor.

8.3     Fiscal Year 2009 - 2010 Mid-Year Budget Report and December 2009 Monthly Report of Financial Activities (330-50) [ STAFF REPORT ]

Staff has prepared a detailed Mid-Year Budget Review to identify any material deviations from the adopted Fiscal Year 2009 - 2010 Budget.  The primary focus of the report is on the General Fund, which accounts for the majority of city operations.  Staff has identified proposed adjustments to Revenues and Expenditures.  This item also provides the report of the financial statements for the month of December 2009.

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Receive the report as authorized by Section 41004 of the California Government Code and approve the budget change.

8.4     Approval of City Directional Signage Locations for East Dublin Auto Dealers (400-30) [ STAFF REPORT ]

The City Council adopted a new policy and related criteria to allow for City directional signage for places, buildings, or locations of regional or historical significance.  Staff is recommending that the City Council approve four site locations for City directional signs to direct individuals to the automotive dealers located on Toyota Drive and John Monego Court.

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Approve the City directional sign locations for automotive dealers on Toyota Drive and John Monego Court.


9.1     Brief INFORMATION ONLY reports from Council and/or Staff, including Committee Reports and Reports by Council related to Meetings Attended at City Expense (AB 1234).

10.     ADJOURNMENT - In memory of Staff Sgt. Sean Diamond and our fallen troops.

This AGENDA is posted in accordance with Government Code Section 54954.2(a)
If requested, pursuant to Government Code Section 54953.2, this agenda shall be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with a disability, as required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. Section 12132), and the federal rules and regulations adopted in implementation thereof.  To make a request for disability-related modification or accommodation, please contact the City Clerk's Office (925) 833-6650 at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting.


The City of Dublin promotes and supports a high quality of life that ensures a safe and secure environment, fosters new opportunities and provides responsive fair treatment to our diverse community.


Dublin is a vibrant city committed to its citizens, natural resources and cultural heritage.  As Dublin grows, it will balance history with progress, to sustain an enlightened, economically balanced and diverse community.

Dublin, with its distinctive place in the region, highlights culture, diversity and civic stewardship to create a broad mosaic.  This mosaic is enriched by the integrating of cultures, races and economic diversity into villages and neighborhoods - forming a common network that welcomes both residents and businesses alike; supporting the efforts and achievements of all. 

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