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1. Why should I use 9-1-1?
2. When should I use 9-1-1?
3. How do I report a crime to the police department?
4. Can I make an anonymous report of a crime to the police?
5. How do I file a police report?
6. How do I get a copy of a police report?
7. How do I obtain a restraining order?
8. How do I file a complaint against a police officer?
9. What is the procedure for reporting Lost & Found items?
10. Do you have an inquiry about found or seized property? Have you had a bicycle reported as lost or stolen? Do you wish to arrange for the return of property or evidence?
11. When can I have my fingerprints taken?
12. How do I contest a parking violation?
13. Where do I send payment for a parking ticket?
14. Does a mechanical (fix-it) traffic citation need to be signed off?
15. How long can cars be parked on the streets without moving before they get towed away?
16. Can the police tow a vehicle from private property?
17. How do I report an abandoned vehicle in my neighborhood?
18. How do I pick up my vehicle if it has been towed by the City of Dublin?
19. How does the seat belt law affect me?
20. Is a driver's license required to operate a moped?
21. Is it legal to text or place/receive a phone call while driving?
22. What is the average response time to an emergency call from the time of dispatch?
23. How long will it take an officer to get to my house during a non-emergency situation, such as a report of a loud party?
24. Is there a citizen ride-along program?
25. How can my neighborhood start a Neighborhood Watch Program?
26. Who is responsible for policing the regional trails that are located in Dublin?
27. What is the phone number for Santa Rita Jail?
28. How can I find out if there is sex offender living in my neighborhood?
29. What crimes are reported in my neighborhood?