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Fallon Sports Park


  1. Baseball diamonds
  2. Basketball courts
  3. Basketball courts (lighted)
  4. BMX Course
  5. Drinking fountains
  6. Fields for rent
  7. Picnic tables
  8. Restrooms
  9. Soccer fields
  10. Softball diamonds
  11. Tennis courts (lighted)
  12. Walkways / trails
Fallon Sports Park is the City's premier sports facility, dedicated in July 2010.  The park entrance is located on Lockhart Street between Gleason Drive and Central Parkway.  The park currently encompasses 28 acres of the 60-acre site. Two additional phases are planned for Fallon Sports Park, one of which is the design and construction of a portion of the Lower Terrace of the park.  This project encompasses 19.75 acres and will include the addition of two synthetic turf soccer fields, a 90-foot lighted baseball diamond, restrooms, a concession building, additional parking for 145 cars, and utility and landscape improvements.   This project is expected to be completed in late 2017.  Learn more about Fallon Sports Park Phase II.

Rental Information
The sports fields at Fallon Sports Park are available for rental by the community. Please view our Sports Fields and Courts page for more information.  The sports fields are closed for maintenance from December 16 through the end of February annually.