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Alamo Creek Park


  1. Barbecue grills
  2. Basketball courts
  3. Drinking fountains
  4. Picnic area
  5. Picnic tables
  6. Play equipment
  7. Restrooms
  8. Walkways / trails

Park Features

Alamo Creek Park is a 5.3 acre neighborhood park located near Dougherty Road and Willow Creek Drive. 


Dogs are permitted on a leash.

Art Installation
In addition to the park's other amenities, Alamo Creek Park features public artwork entitled, "Black Pool," by artist Alan Counihan of Dublin, Ireland.

The work serves as a visual link, a bridge of the imagination, between the landscape of the park and that of the soft rolling hills. It also was created to invoke a sense of the area's ancient landscape, and of the lives lived continuously in this place for thousands of years.

The park's art piece was commissioned by the City of Dublin.